Skala Trip Report (#9126)

This is a hike you should do !

The trail is technically spoken (in good conditions) not difficult (it's a walk up, but due to the starting point (which is at sea-level)and due to the distance, you should not underestimate this walk.

We walked up with heavy backpacks and it took us about 5 hours. The views on the way are awesome ! One of the facts that add to the excitement is the fact that you can drink from any stream. The water is so pure and clean (no giardia bacteria !)that you can drink without being scared for diseases.

When we reached the summit (in september) we had the entire summit to ourselves. We made our bed in the very nice but small building on top of Skala and waited for the sun to set.

On the one side you can see the Nordfjord, and to the opposite side you can see parts of "Jostedalsbreen" an almost 80 km long glacier. When the sun sets, the views are becoming incredible and left a deep impression !

That night I slept only a few hours because I wanted to get very early in order to see the sunrise.

When you have the equipment (ice axe, rope, crampons) you can explore the neighboring summits who are covered with smaller glaciers, but watch your step because there are several crevasses.

The way down to the little village of Loen takes about 2-3 hours.

If you have any comment or questions, don't hesitate e-mailing me.

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