Musala Trip Report (#9143)

After we climbed and ski from Musala Peak, we were adviced to ski from Malyovitsa, the 2729m high peak about Malyovica resort. This time Saso - member of the Bolgarian resque team - joint us. In three hours through fantastic mountain landscape we rich the top. To ski down is somehow easier and nicer than from Musala. After we finish our skiing we relaksed with Kamenitsa beer in a hand at Malyovitsa hut. Malyovitsa hut is within easy reach from Malyovitsa Resort (1750m). From Borovets its 1/2 - 1 hour drive to Malyovitsa resort. You cant use ski lifts for your ascent as lifts have diferent direction. If you come to Borovets dont mis to visit at least Malyovitsa Resort (hut) if not the Peak.

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