Musala Trip Report (#9156)

I don't recommend the Musala hut - three more ruins then buildings on the shore of messy lake. It's much better to sleep in a guarded refuge called Ledenoto Ezero, about 1 hour from the Musala hut. The Ledenoto Ezero is situated on the altitude of over 2700 m, clean, quiet and has real mountain atmosphere. It's only 1 hour from there to the Musala peak. The trip is very easy, with no difficulties when the weather is good. There is a meteorogical observatory on the summit, and an old scientist offers tea with strange (but good) taste to the tourists. Musala is the highest peak in the Rila range, but not the most interesting one. Much more nicer are peaks in the north-western part of the Rila: Maljovica, Orlovec, Zlijat Zab, Kupen. They are steeper and rocky.

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