Musala Trip Report (#9157)

We were hiking from Borovetz (ski resort) to Rila Monastery. It took us about 4 days and we slept in huts except first night which we spent in the concrete shack (without any heat) below the summit. At least there were lot of blankets there. On the summit there was a building of meteorological observatory where we could rest and warm up in the special room for hikers. Then we were invited by the manager of the observatory to see the building. In the manager's office on the desk we noticed a small photo of the person we thought the world forgot long time ago. It was a picture of Stalin. It was big surprise for us. We've never seen Stalin's photo in any office in any communist country. But not many people remember that in 1950' this mountain was called Peak Stalin. When we started to descent we almost lost the trail because of the sudden snow storm. The rest of our trip was very nice. Last few kilometers we drove on in the back of the truck. We were scared to death because the truck was moving so fast on the narrow gravel winding road. Finally we arived to Rila Monastery which was like an oasis in the desert.

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