Musala Trip Report (#9158)

  • Signed By: John Kelly
  • Date submitted: May 13, 1999

Musala is a great climb. We did it in two days. The first day we hiked from the ski area Borovetz for about 4 hours and reached an area right at treeline that is very near the upper lifts and slopes of the ski area. We pitched our tent in a meadow near the Musala hut that offers beds, food, and warmth (it's a bit run down, like many huts in Buglaria, but the tea and chololate bars were very welcome especially since it had been foggy and drizzling all day). There are several small lakes at the sight so water is not a problem although it should be purified as there is a herd of horses that graze in the area. During the night it started to hail and really blow and we thought about dashing from the tent to the hut. A few hours later things quieted down and I was later woken up by what I thought was a flashlight. It turned out to be a full moon reflecting off one of our cooking pots. The sky was crystal clear and filled with twinkling stars. The next day we found ourselves surrounded by soaring cliffs of granite, that had been hidden by fog and bright sunshine. We hiked the hour and a half up to the peak where there is a weather station and then returned by the same route we had taken up. The trail from the hut to the peak is rocky and in late June we encountered some snow and ice. The lakes along the way were partial frozen and brilliantly blue. I've been up to the hut area three times, but wan't able to summit the other two times because of rain and fog. There are other approaches to Musala than the one I took and also a string of huts. I'm hoping to hike from Musala to the Rila Monastery (3-4 days) this Spring. Hike Bulgaria!

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