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    Climbing Musala Peak in Rila National Park Bulgaria 2925 m

    Filmed and Edited by : Gear: GoPro 4 Black Lumix G7 Canon 55-250 II Edited in : Final Cut Pro Music: UKIYO (with special ...

    • By: Hristo Konov
    • Published: Aug 29, 2016
    • Duration: 18:40
    • Views: 5,462
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    Musala, Rila Mountain, BG

    Just climbing... A weekend climbing...

    • By: Malamir Spasov
    • Published: Dec 13, 2006
    • Duration: 7:56
    • Views: 8,975
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    Musala peak 4K video 2925m Jan 2016 / SJCam 5000x Elite version

    Musala peak - the highest point in Bulgaria.

    • By: Danail Rusev
    • Published: Feb 07, 2016
    • Duration: 8:45
    • Views: 3,207
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    Follow me on the walk up Musala peak in winter

    The walk up Musala peak in winter. Commented video with some picturesat the start and end.

    • By: Maya Smiles
    • Published: Mar 01, 2013
    • Duration: 8:33
    • Views: 3,002
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    Завръщането към Мусала/The Revenant to Musala peak

    Документалния Благотворителен филм 08.03.2016 The Revenant to Musala peaк Рила планина, Rila mountain, Bulgaria The top of the Balkans, Върхът...

    • By: Javo
    • Published: Mar 12, 2016
    • Duration: 38:05
    • Views: 2,519
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    Van life Bulgaria – from engine rebuild to climbing Musala Peak in winter

    In this episode we drive east toward the Black Sea. A dramatic drive, chased by the weather, through Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia, all the way to into ...

    • By: Reboot Life
    • Published: Feb 18, 2019
    • Duration: 25:34
    • Views: 1,188
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    Musala peak Bulgaria

    Short description of the clip you will find on the video. Probably you will find some mistakes on the written parts but english is not my native language so...excuse ...

    • By: Dan Botea
    • Published: Feb 16, 2017
    • Duration: 14:03
    • Views: 2,027
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    Climbing Musala, summit of Mount Rila and highest peak in Eastern Europe

    I made this video the other day while climbing Musala, the summit of the Rila mountain range and the highest peak between the Alps and the Caucasus and the ...

    • By: FarStrider
    • Published: Aug 23, 2016
    • Duration: 8:00
    • Views: 1,118
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    Musa ka Musalla Hiking

    4081meters height, winter, snow.

    • By: Law , Lawyers And Judiciary
    • Published: Feb 28, 2018
    • Duration: 2:49
    • Views: 1,715
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    Winter attempt Mt Musala, Bulgaria

    Climbers Jon Wichett and Julia Lindberg attempt the highest peak in the Balkan range, unfortunately the powder snow proved too time consuming and the ...

    • By: Jon Wichett
    • Published: Jan 16, 2013
    • Duration: 3:59
    • Views: 1,356