Weissmies Trip Report (#9349)

  • Signed By: Jeff Booth
  • Date submitted: August 08, 2001

Jeff Booth w/ Dieter Roedder & his friend Andi (last name unknown). Hiked up from Saas Almagell & spent 1 night at Almageller Hutte. Ascended the 556 route, over the arete and down the 555 route along the glacier. It was a cloudless day, very nice view of Valiasian Alps and beyond. Very impressive glacier! Spent the 2nd night at the Weissmies Hutte. Those Swiss huts make these tours so much easier than for example Cascade volcano tours! For me it was not too difficult physically, but mentally it was new territory on the 556 ridge and the arete without protection. My first Swiss 4000 meter peak! Looking forward to trying another next year.

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