Weissmies Trip Report (#9353)

My first 4000 meter peak. We left from the Hohsaash├╝tte at 3.45 AM across the Trift glacier. this year there was very little snow, which made the climb across the glacier more difficult, with more crevasses. Marvellous approach and view towards the Mischabel chain. We arrived at the shoulder at 3820 at about sunrise time. When you reach the shoulder, the summit seems very near, with the emphasis on SEEMS. The last half hour is really steep, but very rewarding. The view from the summit is one of the best views from all mountains of the Alps. Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Berner Oberland, Bernina. You can see more than half of Switzerland. Piz Bernina could be seen clearly at a distance of 160 km. To convince yourself, see the pictures at my website. Never make the mistake to rush up with the cable car, and try to reach the summit without acclimatizing. Your stomach and head will enjoy!

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