Mount Elkins

Mount Elkins (66°40′S, 54°09′E) is a dark, steep-sided mountain with three major peaks, the highest 2,300 meters above sea level. Mount Elkins is located in the Napier Mountains, Enderby Land, in the Australian Antarctic Territory, at a position 92 km south of Cape Batterbee, 7.4 km north of Young Nunataks, 30 km west of Sortoppen Nunatak, 26 km east of Newman Nunataks, and about 57 km southwest of Mount Kjerringa. At 2300 meters above sea level, Mount Elkins is the highest peak in the Napier Mountains. It is the second highest peak in the Enderby Land Coast Ranges, behind Mount McMaster, whose summit lies at 2830 meters above sea level.

Elevation (feet): 7,546
Elevation (meters): 2,300
Continent: Antarctica
Country: Antarctica
Range/Region: Wilkes Land Coast
Latitude: -66.667
Longitude: 54.15
Difficulty: Scramble
Year first climbed: 1960
First successful climber(s): Terence James Elkins
Nearest major airport: Perth, Australia
Convenient Center: Mawson Station, AAT

Thanks to David Elkins for adding this peak.

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