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Puncak Jaya (also known as Carstensz Pyramid) is the highest mountain in the Pacific Basin, and is typically considered the highest peak of the seventh continent (Australia/Oceania) for climbers attempting the Seven Summits. However, there is some dispute of its status as the seventh summit since it is located in the western half of the island of New Guinea, in the Indonesian province of Papua, and Indonesia is an Asian country. This is a minority viewpoint based on politics rather than geophysics.

Puncak Jaya is indisputably the highest point between the Himalayas and the Andes.

It is located in what is variously called the Sudirman Range or the Dugunduguoo, in the western central highlands of Papua, just fifty miles from the island's southern shore. Much of this range is characterized by easy terrace, surmounted by severe rock walls.

While Puncak Jaya’s peak is free of glaciers, there are several on its slopes, including the Carstensz Glacier, the Meren Glacier, and Northwall Firn. Being equatorial, there is little variation in the mean temperature during the year (around 0.5°C) and the glaciers fluctuate on seasonal basis only slightly. Evidence from satellite imagery demonstrates that most of the glaciers atop the mountain are retreating rapidly and some have disappeared altogether the last twenty years.

Elevation (feet): 16,023
Elevation (meters): 4,884
Continent: Australia/Oceania
Country: Indonesia
Range/Region: Maoke Range
Latitude: -4.08333
Longitude: 137.183
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Feb, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Year first climbed: 1962
First successful climber(s): Heinrich Harrer, with Temple, Kippaz and Huizenga
Nearest major airport: Nabire
Convenient Center: Nabire

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  • Log #22451 - by carstensz on Nov 19, 2013
    CARSTENSZ PYRAMID IS OPEN all year round.. COME JOIN WITH US Departures to climb Carstensz Pyramid in 2014 : Call us for detail: CARSTENSZ EPEDITON See below for web page and...
  • Log #21177 - by Roland Tomaschko on Feb 07, 2008
    Harter Anmarsch zu Fuss!!!
  • Log #21140 - by FAHMI ARRASULI on Jan 03, 2008
    I have climb it twice, first time in August 2005, when I meet Miroslav Caban (First Seven Summitters from Checz) and Rob and Jo Gambi (First Couple who finished Seven Summits). That time Caban was...
  • Log #20862 - by Bill Allen on July 08, 2007
    I have climbed Carstensz 3 times now, and the access has been different each time. That is the most exciting, and unpredictable and dangerous part of the trip. The climb itself is a beautiful alpine...
  • Log #20508 - by Nigel Vardy on Nov 30, 2006
    A fantastic peak. Almost impossible to get to due to the helicopter lifts into basecamp (or lack of them). I took 11 hours to climb and return to basecamp, and had a great time negoiating the ridge....
  • Log #19334 - by Amy Meredith on Sep 27, 2006
    Marty Molotoris, Amy Cutts-Meredith and John Cutts reach the summit of PJ at 2pm on April 10. The hike in from the Central Highland viallage of Pogapa on the Sugapa trail took us 6 days. The hike...
  • Log #9374 - by Amy Meredith on Oct 29, 2004
    I have obtained permission to climb PJ/NggaPulu in 2005 and need beta on the actual climb. From base camp to summit on the normal route. Any assistance/information will be greatly appreciated.
  • Log #9375 - by Geoffrey McKell on June 17, 2004
    Cheated really;)...I was filming for Freeport Indonesia [a mining company to the south of the summit] and convinced them they needed footage from the top of Puncak Jaya showing the mine below. Their...
  • Log #9376 - by Richard Griffith on Nov 09, 2003
    Experienced pretty bad weather, but had a good climb nonetheless. Some beautiful country. Too bad all that is happening in the country these days.
  • Log #9377 - by Veronika Meyer on Oct 07, 2003
    On Nov. 19, 1993, five people summited Carstensz Pyramid: Ramon Portilla (Spain, solo); Hans Eitel (Germany), Ripto Mulyano (Indonesia), Jan Kocher (Switzerland) and Veronika Meyer (Switzerland,...
  • Log #9378 - by Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd on Oct 04, 2003
    Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a western-run and Yogyakarta-based (Indonesia) adventure company, which operates adventure & ecotourism tours (walking, hiking, trekking, volcano climbing, etc.)...
  • Log #9379 - by Eric Sheffield on Oct 01, 2003
    Snow, rain and sharp rock, this is more than a mountain, this is an adventure!
  • Log #9380 - by Lottie on Feb 12, 2003
    Know this board is bout Jaya, but since the Yamin one is not working it will have 2 do! Has anyone climbed Yamin? Can you email me and I can ask you some questions about it Cheers!
  • Log #9381 - by Frits Vrijlandt on Dec 27, 2001
    Summited together with Rozemarijn Janssen (first Dutch woman), Menno Boermans (www.mennoboermans.com), Tim van der Linden and Slate Stern (USA).
  • Log #9382 - by Eric Samuel on Oct 25, 2001
    i have any question about carstensz pyramid. maybe i'll go to there next year, so i need a lot of information. i wanna know how can i do the trip from jakarta till irian jaya, how the prosedur? and i...
  • Log #9383 - by Patrick Pikacha on July 19, 2001
    I have just a few question! I am a geography student and interested in mountains. Has anyone climbed Mt Jaya in recent times? What is the situation in West Papua like now? And what are the...
  • Log #9384 - by Slate Stern on July 05, 2001
    Carstensz is a beautiful and enchanting climb, however, very wet. Take a good pair of rubber boats for the trek in and also for using at base camp. Also, takes lots of extra pairs of dry socks.
  • Log #9386 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on July 04, 2001
    The famous American Snowboarder Mr.Stephen Koch (http://www.stephenkoch.com), with his team have succesfuly reach the summit of Carstensz Pyramid at 4884 M on April 23,24 & 26.
  • Log #9387 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on July 04, 2001
    6 member of the CARSTENSZ PYRAMID INTERNATIONAL EXPEDITION (UK, Japan & Poland) have reached the summit of Carstensz Pyramid on 6 April 2001. They did it ONLY in 12 days (based on: Jakarta/Return...
  • Log #9388 - by Danto on Feb 27, 2001
    Budi climbed 2 routes on the face at 1994, picture: http://www.rocknwall.com.tw/m/rock/asia/carstens.jpg
  • Log #9389 - by Dennis Ella on Jan 31, 2001
    For a Filipino climber with meager resources, I consider climbing Puncak Jaya as a lifetime achievement. Having led two first ascents on two mediocre Negros Island peaks (barely 5,000 ft.), I find...
  • Log #9390 - by Tom Riederer on Oct 26, 2000
    We approached from the South side of the Maoke Mountains from a small village called Mamontoga, due to conflicts in Wamena/Ilaga. We could not get enough porters from this village so we carried much...
  • Log #9391 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Oct 25, 2000
    JULY 15, 2000 10 participants of our Carstensz Pyramid July 2000 International Expedition have succesfully reached the summit of Carstensz Pyramid. Right now the team already return safe and sound to...
  • Log #9394 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Oct 25, 2000
    On 24 April 2000, 5 participants from: USA & South Africa with our 2 mountain guides have reached the summit of Carstensz Pyramid. Next day on April 25, 2000, 6 participants from our...
  • Log #9395 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Oct 25, 2000
    April 02, 2000, The members of The South Korean National SEVEN SUMMITS EXPEDITION 2000 with 3 guides have reached the summit of Carstensz Pyramid. This expedition organized by ADVENTURE INDONESIA.
  • Log #9396 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Oct 25, 2000
    To the members of our "International Team" October 1999: Jose Mijares/Spain, Alison Levine/USA, Harry Kikstra/Holland, Jaime Vinals/Guatemala and 5 Polish lead by Lezcek Chichy/Poland;...
  • Log #9397 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Oct 25, 2000
    Six members of our February "International Expedition" have succesfully reached the summit of Carstenz Pyramid on February 22 at 11.45 AM. The group already return safely in Jayapura city,...
  • Log #9398 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Oct 25, 2000
    CARSTENSZ PYRAMID 2000 Jakarta, Indonesia Email: info@adventureindonesia.com Web page: http://www.adventureindonesia.com Date signed: February
  • Log #9399 - by Kathy on Jan 16, 2000
    I reached the top of Carstensz Pyramid with my guide Mr. Budi Cahyono, of The Carstensz Journey on December, 17, 1999.
  • Log #9400 - by Harry Kikstra on Jan 04, 2000
    Great climbing on the last of the Dutch mountains ;-} Good rock, great company!
  • Log #9401 - by Tom Henderson on Jan 03, 2000
    Peter Manning and Tom Henderson summited via the classic Heinrich Harrer route on the NW side. The final push for the summit was in high wind, rain, and snow. Great summit but difficult to get to...
  • Log #9405 - by ADVENTURE INDONESIA on Jan 02, 2000
    CARSTENSZ PYRAMID IS OPEN...!!! JOIN the special "Low Budget" Departures to climb Carstensz Pyramid in 1999 : I. July 07, 1999. II. August 12, 1999.
  • Log #9406 - by Pete Manning on Jan 07, 1999
    Six climbers: Pete Manning, Joanne Willet, Tom Henderson, Randy Toelle, Jay Pennington, Chris Sheerin. From Tembagapura to summit and return in one day.