Mount Shuksan

Elevation (feet): 9,127
Elevation (meters): 2,782
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Cascade Range
State: Washington
Latitude: 48.830958
Longitude: -121.602917
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: Sept 7, 1906
First successful climber(s): Asahel Curtis, W. Montelius Price
Nearest major airport: Vancouver, BC
Convenient Center: Glacier, Washington

Thanks to Tom Breit for adding this peak.

The most photographed peak in the US. It's the mountain the Mt. Baker ski resort is actually on. Has a number of routes from the simple (Sulphide Glacier) to the classic (Fisher Chimneys) and one of the "fifty crowded climbs" (Price Glacier.)

Additional text submitted by Tom Nelson, M.D.:

Located approximately six miles to the east of Mount Baker in the North Cascades. Popular routes include the Fisher Chimney's route and the Sulphide Glacier approach.

The mountain is a major glaciated peak with a 500 foot summit pyramid of rock offering an enjoyable mixed alpine ascent. The Sulphide and Crystal glaciers adorning Mount Shuksan's southern slopes include large and spectacular ice falls. The pyramid is a class 3/4 approach.

The summit offers beautiful views of nearby Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Garibaldi and Mount Rainier nearly 140 miles away.

Refer to Selected Climbs in the Cascades, Vol. 1, by Potterfield and Nelson for climbing route information.

Thanks to Tom Breit for this description.