Mount McLoughlin

Mount McLoughlin Trip Report (#9463)

  • Signed By: GuyMorrow
  • Date submitted: March 17, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 8 August 2000

The Forest Service stated it was a difficult climb and it was, although very rewarding. I climbed this great mountain with my Dad and Brother in August, on a bright and wonderful sunny day. My advice to anyone who wishes to climb this peak are as follows: take plenty of water and food, wear comfortable boots (it's an 11 mile round trip), take your time, dress for any type of weather and by all means, have fun doing it! To the fellow veterens of this glorious mount, I applaude your success. To the one's who wish to add this peak to your list of climbed mountains, I salute you. Take care and enjoy your climb.

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