Lhakpa Ri

Elevation (feet): 23,114
Elevation (meters): 7,045
Continent: Asia
Country: China/Nepal
Latitude: 28.037811
Longitude: 86.969831
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Sep, Oct

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Lhakpa Ri (xang dong feng) is an attractive peak, which divides the upper East Rongbuk glacier and upper Kharta glacier. Lhakpa Ri is close enough to Everest to feel the enormous power and character of the world's highest mountain, but is set far enough back to appreciate the true geometric perspective of this great peak.

The summit view from Lhakpa Ri rivals that from many of the world's greatest mountains. It gives very unusual views of some of the world's best known mountains and excellent views of some very little known mountains. Amongst the highlights are the Nyonno Ri range in eastern Tibet, the north face of Chomolonzo and the north faces of Makalu and Pethangtse. You can also see the beautiful and little known peak of Shartse and the frightening Kangshung (east) face of Everest and the magnificent east face of Lhotse. There is an unrivalled view of the north east ridge of Everest, the North Col, Changtse, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma. You also have a chance to grasp the immensity of the Tibetan plateau as you can see hundreds of miles across the wildest of landscapes.

The trek to Everest Advance Base Camp and the ascent of Lhakpa Ri the easiest 7000 meter peak in the world, the ascent can be accomplished by anyone who is a fit, well acclimatized and highly motivated trekker.

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  • Log #22321 - by mvth2000 on June 18, 2012
    Thursday 15 October 2009
  • Log #21695 - by David Rock on June 25, 2009
    Well Lhakpa Ri (7045m) was very tiring after cutting about 4 days out the acclimatisation program I found myself sitting at 6800m contemplating how I can next put one step in front of the other. I...