Bonanza Peak

Bonanza Peak Trip Report (#21541)

  • Signed By: braxston lewis
  • Date submitted: December 10, 2008
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

My first alpine climb. myself and two other amatuer climbers attempted bonanza peak 9511' june 2008. DAY 1: boat ride up lake chelan (3.5 hrs)-board a school bus bound for a lutheran church retreat deep in the wenatchee national forest.(1hr)- hike out of the village to holden lake(3hrs)made camp at the lake and called it a night. DAY 2- 7am late start my fellow climbers did not believe in getting to the glacier before the day warms up. pretty tough push up to the nw corner of the glacier from the lake. then reality kicks in!! my buddies brought no water nor food for the climb (left back at basecamp) I was forced to share after their neglegence was slowing us down. Deep dark clouds surround us once we were about 7000' let me remind you this was all of ours first climb- we finaly reached the rock about 200 yards short of a large bergshrund lookspretty safe but by the time we made it there, the weather worsened and by buddies were falling apart. RAin WInd Snow sheets of Ice started ripping through my north face coat leaving me feeling very exposed in a way ive never felt before. All tied together approaching 8000' with no visibility. we got slower and slower and slower. A 5 hour climb was turning into 6 and we have not reached the summit yet. we started discussing turning around when one of the guys untied from us and refused to turn around. I couldnt see him nor my own hand in my face but I eventually persuaded him on the two way radio to come back. from there down the mountain back to base camp back to the village back to our cars back to our homes in spokane (about five hours away) their was hardly any emotion talk laughter - its crazy how mountains and nature can change you, beat you up, give you glory and take away all that is important in matter of minutes.. ....... I cant wait to try again next year. ps trip video on you tube >keyword>bonanza peak braxston sam jeff

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