Elevation (feet): 9,541
Elevation (meters): 2,908
Continent: Europe
Country: Bulgaria
Range/Region: Macedonia-Thrace
Latitude: 41.776861
Longitude: 23.400028
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Sofia
Convenient Center: Bansko

Thanks to Miroslav Dokman and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Kutelo peak (2908 m) is the fifth highest peak on the Balkan peninsul. It is located near the Vihren peak on the Pirin mountain.

The best path for climbers starts from hiza Vihren (1950 m), about 20 km from town of Bansko, and if you choosen this path, you would reach Hvoistan peak (Hvoistanski vrah, then the Vihren peak, and finally Kutelo.

Threre are many rocks in the Pirin mountain, and walking is not easy. But there are many lakes and view is outstandind.

Thanks to Miroslav Dokman for this description.