El Tucuche

Elevation (feet): 3,072
Elevation (meters): 936
Continent: South America
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Range/Region: South Coastal Caribbean
Latitude: 10.733333
Longitude: -61.416667
Difficulty: Walk up
Nearest major airport: Piarco International Airport
Convenient Center: St. Joseph

Thanks to Kern Jack for adding this peak.

El Tucuche, the second highest peak on Trinidad's Northern Range is easily noted by its plateau-shaped summit. Like Trinidad's highest peak El Cerro del Aripo, El Tucuche reaches at least 3,000 feet with tropical rainforest and montane forest at lower elevations and elfin woodland at its summit.This mountain actually contains two summits, the first one ascends to above 2,000 feet (800 meters) which displays a 1000 feet sheer-vertical cliff. The other and highest summit is at over 3,000 feet (936 meters) and is plateau-shaped. The mountain is home to Trinidad's endemic creature, El Tucuche Golden Tree Frog (Phyllodytes auratus) found on its summit and the summit of Cerro del Aripo. At the foot of the mountain lies the village El Luengo, home to some 2,000 residents. The mountain is periodically shrouded by low clouds. 

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