Matterhorn Peak

Matterhorn Peak Trip Report (#9587)

  • Signed By: Ben House
  • Date submitted: August 17, 2001

I am seeking information regarding the summit log atop Matterhorn Peak. My brother-in-law, Larry Schlenker, was killed in a fall this summer while hiking on Matterhorn Peak. The accident was unwitnessed. I need to know if he made it to the top (as in signing in on the summit log). The date would be July 23 or 24, 2001. Knowing he made it to the summit would bring some solace to his family. If any climber has read the summit log on or after this date of July 23/24/2001 and remembered his entry, (Larry Schlenker), I would appreciate an e-mail to confirm that he made it. Thanks for any response you may have regarding this situation...Ben

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