Mount Wilson

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Mount Wilson, like its neighbor Wilson Peak, is named after A.D. Wilson, who was with the Hayden Survey. Mount Wilson is the highest point in the San Miguel Mountains, a subrange of Colorado's San Juan Mountains. It is a challenging climb, with 4th Class climbing required to reach its summit. The views from the top are some of the best in Colorado.

Elevation (feet): 14,246
Elevation (meters): 4,342
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: San Juan Mountains
State: Colorado
Latitude: 37.8392
Longitude: -107.991
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1874
First successful climber(s): A.D. Wilson & Franklin Rhoda
Nearest major airport: Telluride
Convenient Center: Telluride

Thanks to Kirk Mallory for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #22232 - by Stephen Klemich on Aug 18, 2011
    climbed from the Kilpacker trail. a lot of snow and crampons needed. not technical. great day in the hills.
  • Log #21813 - by Patrick L. Lilly on Nov 13, 2009
    Climbed with Trisha via the ridge from El Diente. Traverse took 5 hours. Beautiful weather. Descended standard north slopes route back to Navajo Lake.
  • Log #18963 - by Jay 'The Bird' Sheets on Feb 14, 2006
    I've got a friend that lives on the mesa, who by the way said it could'nt be done by a "flat lander" anyway we borrowed thier four wheelers and drove to the top of Silver Pick. And took off...
  • Log #9598 - by Robert Gardner on Sep 02, 2004
    Hiked to Navaho Lake on Thursday the 19th of August with a good friend LaSalle. We got up Friday morning and headed for Mt. Wilson, and summited at 11:15 by the ridge route. It was unbelievable and...
  • Log #9599 - by Howard Jennings on Nov 26, 2003
    Solid climb on a well marked trail. We went straight over the final 150 ft ridge to reach the summit. Great views from the summit, good opportunity to scout route to El Diente.
  • Log #9600 - by Bill Peterson on July 24, 2003
    Solid climb on a well marked trail. We went straight over the final 150 ft ridge to reach the summit. The exposure on the final ridge didn't seem to bother my more experienced climbing partner, but I...
  • Log #9601 - by Michael Jake on July 07, 2003
    From Navaho Lake - 'Grand Slam' Wilson Peak to Gladstone, to Mount Wilson to El Diente.
  • Log #9602 - by Charles Winterscheid on Mar 02, 2003
    My climbing description has changed addresses. It can now be found @: Check it out.
  • Log #9603 - by James Voss on Aug 26, 2002
    Hiked in on the absolutely beautiful trail up to Navajo basin where we camped for the night. (may be worth a return trip to just explore those valleys and waterfalls...) Trail up to the summit was...
  • Log #9604 - by Fred kelly on July 18, 2002
    Backpacked with family over Rock of Ages Saddle from Silver Pick Trailhead and set camp in upper Navaho basin below El Diente North slopes route. Left @ 4:40am, summitted El Diente @ 7:35am, did...
  • Log #9605 - by Brook Laskey on June 27, 2002
    Climbed with Kirk Allen of Southwest Backcountry Adventures. Accessed via the Silver Pick trail to the west of Telluride. Summited Wilson Peak the day before and camped in Navajo Basin that night....
  • Log #9606 - by Rob Schmidt on June 03, 2002
    In July whe want to climb Mt. Wilson. What ranking has the mountain (what skills you need?).Do you need rope, crampons or other special gear? What is the easy route and from where should whe...
  • Log #9607 - by Richard Fitch on Mar 18, 2002
    A friend and I made my first trip in July 1977. A 6.5 mile walk to the campground near the lake.It was extremely hot in Colorado Springs (>100) and was into the 80's during the day at the lake or...
  • Log #9608 - by Charles Winterscheid on July 20, 2001
    Climbed the mountain from the Lizard Head Creek trailhead. Ate mushrooms once on the trail and then sat out a ferocious thunderstorm. Camped at around 12,200 ft and climbed snow almost all the way...
  • Log #9609 - by Dean Driscoll on Dec 19, 2000
    My climbing partner and I camped at Navajo Lake the first day. The weather looked ideal on the next morning, so we skipped our jackets and gloves which left room for extra climbing gear to be used...
  • Log #9610 - by matt kirk on Nov 03, 2000
    Greetings 14er climbers and enthusiasts. I just wanted to let everyone know that there should be a 14ers forum coming soon at If you have the time, please come by and...
  • Log #9611 - by Cops on Top Memorial Law Enfo Team on June 25, 2000
    The Cops on Top Law Enforcement Memorial Climbing Team summited Mount Wilson on 6-24-2000 on behalf of Trooper Jim Saunders of the Washington State Patrol. Trooper Saunders was killed in the line of...
  • Log #9612 - by Kirk Mallory on June 03, 1999
    Climbed via the East Cirque. Backpacked in to the Slate Creek area on May 30th, then climbed up the East Cirque on the 31st (Memorial Day). The snow towards the top was getting very soft and hard to...