Hochfeiler Trip Report (#20905)

  • Signed By: Sven Bugarski of Germany
  • Date submitted: July 30, 2007
  • Date(s) climbed: 29.07.2007
  • Number of People Encountered:50+ people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

We were 3 people, started the climb from a parking place next to the road to Pfitsch-Joch (1710m) at 11:30pm. The path to the Hochfeiler hut was easy to follow and took us from a forest via mountain pasture to a modest vegetation with not much more than moss and small pathes of grass. From the hut, where we arrived at 2:45am, it was a short fixed rope route up a hill to the path heading to the summit. We recognized later that the direct route to the summit does not pass the hut, so we have done a 20 - 30 minutes detour.

From 3000m on it was a well-marked path on a vegetationless ground and through scree. There was no snow on the route, but on the highest slope there was a glacier just next to the path. Finally at 5:30am we reached the summit and saw at 5:45am an impressive sunrise at clear weather conditions. Before sunrise, the temperature at the summit was around 0°C with some wind, a few minutes after sunrise at least 5°C.

For experienced hikers/climbers and in good weather conditions, the tour is technically easy. As 1800m of height have to be accomplished, doing the whole tour in one day (like we did) is exhausting, but those wishing to do it in a more relaxed way can sleep at the hut. The nature is beautiful and the views amazing. A drawback are the crowds that can be seen on the mountain on sunny summer days. These can be avoided by heading for the summit at nighttime...

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