Monte Emilius

Elevation (feet): 11,676
Elevation (meters): 3,559
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Range/Region: Pennine Alps
Latitude: 45.679081
Longitude: 7.384014
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1823
First successful climber(s): G.B.Defey, L.Cerise
Nearest major airport: Torino
Convenient Center: Aosta

Thanks to Ilario Rigon and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Beautiful mountain rising just over the nice Aosta town. located in the western Alps. There are many routes leading to the top. The easiest and more common one starts from the skistation Pila (1.870 m). A marked path takes to the blue Chamole lake, crosses the Chamole pass, descends to Arbole lake and following the valley gains, after a small wonderful lake, the ridge. From this point with some easy scrambling it's possible to get to the top (3.559 m.).It takes about 6 hr. from Pila to Emilius, but it's available for a 2 days-trip an accommodation in a new cabin close to Arbole lake. Wonderful view of the most important peaks of the Alps (M.Bianco, Gr.Combin, Cervino/Matterhorn, M.Rosa...).

Trip Reports

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  • Log #9632 - by Alexander Haupt on Sep 06, 2004
    Very nice advanced walk. Quite cloudy this day. I can recommend the Rifugio Arbolle.
  • Log #9633 - by Simone on Aug 02, 2002
    Fatta con mio padre (io ho 14 anni).Bella vista da sopra (peccato aver preso una giornata con un po' di nubi).Una sfacchinata se realizzata in giornata da Pila (cosa da noi fatta)!Ideale รจ fermarsi...
  • Log #9634 - by Uwe Hover on July 10, 2002
    Climbed the top on a weekend-tour, starting from the new and extraordinary comfortable rif. alp arbole. Although the weather was very ugly (snowing, rumoring) I reached the top and had a very...
  • Log #9635 - by Dumont Christophe on Dec 06, 2001
    Starting from Gimillan passing the Col Garin at 7.00 am then going through the valley up to the Colle des Trois Capucins.The ridge in july is very easy and there's no really objective difficulty...
  • Log #9636 - by Bart Bos on Aug 17, 2000
    We gained the Monte Emilius as part of a four-day hiking tour, starting in Guimilian, near Cogne. We approached to top from the East, after spending the night along one of three beautiful lakes. The...
  • Log #9637 - by Jaap van der Velde on Jan 04, 2000
    From Brissogne, along Laures and Passo di Tre Cappuccini it is a magnificent 3000 m. climb. In 2 days, no tourists, good campground. Superb panorama, with most of the highest peaks of the Alps. (The...
  • Log #9638 - by Marco Borello on Oct 02, 1999
    Bella e selvaggia montagna che domina le vallate intorno ad Aosta. Ho avuto la fortuna di conquistarla in una bella giornata e ho cosi potuto ammirare un bel panorama.