The Fundelkopf is a popular mountain in the R├Ątikon. It can be accessed via the Niggenkopfbahn from Brand. Starting from the Amantschenjoch (2030 m) the ascent becomes more difficult and is only recommended for people free of giddiness and with some previous "real" mountaineering experience. Especially the very last leg before the summit has its perfidies which I personally would rate UIAA III+. During my ascent as a young boy many years ago, I saw people shivering there. Do not take this route lightly.

Elevation (feet): 7,877
Elevation (meters): 2,401
Continent: Europe
Country: Austria
Range/Region: Austrian Alps
Latitude: 47.110911
Longitude: 9.675179
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Munich, Zuerich
Convenient Center: Bludenz

Thanks to Uwe Dengler for adding this peak.

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  • Log #21669 - by Uwe Dengler on May 16, 2009
    Ascent from the Amantchenjoch with some friends as a young boy. As this was many years ago, I do not recall all the details. However I would certainly not recommend this ascent to people without...