Elevation (feet): 5,361
Elevation (meters): 1,636
Continent: Europe
Country: Germany
Range/Region: Austrian Alps
Latitude: 47.555833
Longitude: 10.454167
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Munich, Zuerich
Convenient Center: Kempten/Allgäu

Thanks to Uwe Dengler for adding this peak.

The Sorgschrofen is a 1636 m high mountain in the Allgäu Alps.

On the summit the borders of four communities (Bad Hindelang west (D); Pfronten, east (D); Jungholz, north, Austrian enclave to Germany; Schattwald, south (A) meet. The summit is the only land connection of the Jungholz enclave to Tirol/Austria.

The Sorgschrofen is popular among hikers. However only a secondary summit of the Sorgschrofen, the Zinken (1614 m) is easily reachable. For hikers it is not recommended to cross the ridge to the main summit which should be done by experienced mountaineers only. This ridge ofen is ice coverd until late spring. In this case even experienced mountaineers should shy away from it and wait for better conditions.

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  • Log #21654 - by Uwe Dengler on May 05, 2009
    Climbed the Sorgschrofen (main summit) together with my brother and sister. Exposed to rockfall from some people above us, be sure to wear a helmet. One of the more intersting climbs when I was...