Mount Columbia

Photo of Mount Columbia
Photo uploaded by Patrick L. Lilly

Mt. Columbia is in the Collegiate Peaks group of the Sawatch Range in Colorado. It is often climbed with its higher neighbor, Mt. Harvard from, form Horn Fork Basin. The ridge between the two, which is often called "Rabbit Ridge," requires some 3rd class climbing.

Elevation (feet): 14,073
Elevation (meters): 4,290
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Sawatch Range
State: Colorado
Latitude: 38.9039
Longitude: -106.297
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Denver
Convenient Center: Buena Vista

Thanks to Kirk Mallory for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

There are 26 trip reports for Mount Columbia.

  • Log #20848 - by Patrick L. Lilly on June 27, 20073.00 stars
    Climbed from the Frenchman Creek drainage after climbing Harvard in the morning. A long and arduous 2.2 miles: it took us 5 hours. A repeat climb, which I made with daughter Trisha; it was her 26th...
  • Log #9789 - by George A. Moon II on Aug 07, 20043.00 stars
    I summited Mount Columbia in May of '97 with 13 other fine gentlemen. Ten of these guys were my age at the time (15-16). The other guys were guides from Noah's Ark, and the last guy was my youth...
  • Log #9790 - by Alissa on Aug 06, 20043.00 stars
    It was my first 14er- I've been trying to do one forever!- and it was BEAUTIFUL- although the western scree slope was kind of difficult, especially to come down. But YEA cause we finished it!
  • Log #9791 - by Juliet on Dec 06, 20033.00 stars
    Out of the 8 14ers I have climbed this one was the most beautiful. I didn't see anyone else the whole climb!
  • Log #9792 - by Amanda Wade on Nov 09, 20033.00 stars
    Hiked up into Horn Fork Basin Friday night. Camped at treeline and climbed Harvard on Saturday and Columbia on Sunday. Once on the ridge, it's a nice hike, and the summit was quite nice. The view...
  • Log #9793 - by Matt Loscalzo on Sep 13, 20033.00 stars
    Bagged this first, then Harvard going over the Rabbits. Super windy, but sunny day. Bring a rope if going over the rabbits, otherwise you will need to hike down below the ridge. Great time!
  • Log #9794 - by Ben on Sep 05, 20033.00 stars
    Cool and sunny day. Our descent was a little tricky as we didn't follow the ridge far enough and hit some tough spots.
  • Log #9795 - by theplugger on Aug 29, 20033.00 stars
    Climbed it from the Frenchman Creek Trailhead. A relatively easy walk up on a gorgeous summer day.
  • Log #9796 - by David Jennings on May 08, 20033.00 stars
    I made it to over 3,000m when a 4 day blizzard forced a stop. I waited but ran out of supplies. I ended up walking off the ice field still being hammered by snow. This was a solo trip.
  • Log #9797 - by Carl Sullivan on Apr 24, 20033.00 stars
    Lots of snow that year; a beautiful trip.
  • Log #9798 - by jules on Dec 13, 20023.00 stars
    colorado trail trip! i was 13 and it was my 4th 14er! i climbed it with katie! the best climb i ever had besides sherman!!!! yay!
  • Log #9799 - by Ryan Badtke on Sep 14, 20023.00 stars
    Nice mountain, I hiked the ridge from Harvard. Its a pretty sweet climb for a Sawatch 14er. If you stay high on the ridge you get to do some fun technical moves. E-mail me if you want to talk about...
  • Log #9801 - by Aaron Batte on June 12, 20023.00 stars
    Camped at Three Elk Creek trailhead. The trail was a long forested approach to very nice alpine basin. Bushwhacked through some thick willows crossing over to the Southeast slope. Lots of wildlife...
  • Log #9802 - by Tom & Becky Bird on June 11, 20023.00 stars
    Another unconventional route for us. Came in from the Three Elk Creek trailhead (easy to miss acess road). Did this as a loop day hike. Hiked south and across the creek and then headed west on good...
  • Log #9803 - by Tom on July 02, 20013.00 stars
    The hike from Harvard to Columbia was a bit difficult due to the lack of trail. I ended up going to far into the valley at first, then went along the ridge too far and had to descend back into the...
  • Log #9804 - by Matt Kirk on Nov 03, 20003.00 stars
    Greetings 14er climbers and enthusiasts. I just wanted to let everyone know that there should be a 14ers forum coming soon at If you have the time, please come by and...
  • Log #9805 - by Jarrett Luttrell on Oct 25, 20003.00 stars
    Start early if you are chasing rabbits, as it is likely to be a 12hr day. I'll recomend the ridge crest to those with prior experience. It is comparable to the knife ridge on Capitol in places. There...
  • Log #9806 - by Kurt and Eric, Stan on July 27, 20003.00 stars
    Went straight up the scree and boulders from meadow (about 2 miles short of Bear Lake). Was VERY hard work and took almost 5 hours! Definitely reccomend sticking to the trail (although a much longer...
  • Log #9807 - by Carl E. Helton on June 15, 20003.00 stars
    And there's a loyalty that's deeper than mere sentiments and a music higher than the songs that I can sing stuff of Earth competes for the allegiance I owe only to the Giver of all good things So if...
  • Log #9808 - by Jim Mallory on Apr 28, 20003.00 stars
    I did both Harvard & Columbia on this hike. It was a long day, but fun. The hike took me 13 hours to do. This was my first hike where I had to hike out in the dark.
  • Log #9809 - by Clinton R. Griswold, Jr. on Jan 24, 20003.00 stars
    This was my first 14er. I did it alone on a free day from the group I was with. Not advisable, and caused them some needless worry. At 53 (then), altitude has almost no adverse effect on me for some...
  • Log #9810 - by Rob Eulenstein on Sep 17, 19993.00 stars
    Climbed in combination with Harvard. Cool day, but sunny. We went too low along the ridge from Harvard to Columbia. This made the traverse harder.
  • Log #9811 - by Jim Thompson on June 29, 19993.00 stars
    Solo climb on a beautiful morning. Clouds in the valleyss west of Yale and Harvard. Many false summits along ridge. I was ascending the descent route that most take if you do Harvard first and then...
  • Log #9812 - by jeff eick on June 16, 19993.00 stars
    climbed in combination with Harvard from West side. travers between the two is loose if you take a high line on the traverse. a breeze descending Columbia to the West
  • Log #9813 - by Steve Bremner on Feb 15, 19993.00 stars
    This was my second attempt in three weeks. The first time I was driven off the south ridge 400 vertical feet from the summit by high winds and arctic temperatures. This time the winds were even worse...
  • Log #9814 - by Jim Mallory on Feb 07, 19993.00 stars
    This was my 33rd Colorado fourteener. Climbed via the Southeast ridge. A great above timberline hike for late fall (no thunderstorms to worry about!) Great views of Mt. Princeton, Mt.