Mount Sherman

Mount Sherman Trip Report (#20875)

Easy, as 14ers go, and thoroughly fun. The jeep road is good all the way to the traihead, so don't be afraid to save yourself a couple of miles of hiking. The trail goes past several old mine sites. (These are private property.) The ascent to the ridge is not difficult, and there is a nice trail along the top of the ridge, which is exposed on both sides in places, but the trail is wide enough to be safe. The "summit" is quite broad, so be sure to go all the way to the highest point. We enjoyed a great glissade across a snowfield coming down, but that won't last long in the summer. If you are tempted, be sure that the runout is safe. There are rocks at the bottom, but when we did it there was also quite a snow barrier that made it safe to descend. It's the fastest and most fun way down, by far.

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