Mount Sherman

Mount Sherman Trip Report (#9826)

  • Signed By: Chris
  • Date submitted: November 06, 2003

Mount Sherman has a reputation of being an easy mountain, a beginners 14er. A word to the wise, to the inexperienced, or those who want a challenge, winter. This was my third time on the mountain in winter, and only my second time summiting. The first time on the mountain, a less hardy and ill prepared partner gave me an excuse to turn back when I truly wanted to. In 2001 the blowing snow, raging wind, and wind chill were bad enough, but everyone's eye protection but mine frosted over. There was no view to see and we did not even know if we had summited, but we did know at that point, we'd had enough. Most recently we started our climb on the East side at the Leavick trailhead. There was a small amount of snow on the ground, and the clouds flew past overhead with only infrequent patches of blue. Visibility diminished as we ascended towards the saddle between Sherman and Sheridan and the world closed in upon us. The cloud fog resulted in some temporary route finding confusion. Once we gained the saddle we tried to avoid the gale force wind by staying on the leeward side of the ridge, but there was no place to hide where the wind couldn't find you. The wind was constant with speeds up around 90 mph and only our trekking poles stopped us from being blown over. The wind was worse than anything I've experienced on Long's Peak, or any other winter 14er. There is no hard climbing on Mount Sherman, and it is a short easy hike. But in winter that mountain has an attitude and a ferocious temper. I want to add I have nothing but admiration for Erin Gunther who was with my partner Jeff Gunther and I. She summited with us on a day when the wind howled and tried to knock us down with real fury and purpose, our finger ached, our cheeks were numb and stung, with cold and blown ice, and our beards and mustaches were frozen solid with ice so we looked like lost arctic explorers. On a day that she would have rather have had to sleep in and stay warm at home, Erin pushed hard and was a joy to have as one of us. Erin Gunther Jeff Gunther Chris Tschinkel

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