Mount Sherman

Mount Sherman Trip Report (#9829)

  • Signed By: Derrick of Golden, CO, USA
  • Date submitted: August 12, 2003

Since Sherman is considered easy and short we decided to add a little fun to the trip by hiking it at night. We started at 10pm from Iowa Gulch and summitted at 12:40am. It shouldn't have taken that long but we couldn't find the trailhead at night and once we got to the saddle we had to wait out some lightning up the ridge.

I highly recommend a night is absolutely amazing. A few words to the wise: 1. check the lunar cycle and weather. Your view of the surrounding mountains, the trail and the cloud systems above will be greatly increased by a bright moon. 2. dress warm but be prepared to strip layers once you get going 3. choose an easy mountain such as Sherman 4. don't get too ambitious and summit Elbert immediately after (we made it but were thoroughly beat afterward)


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