Mount Sherman

Mount Sherman Trip Report (#9841)

Came up the Four Mile Creek Road past the old Leavick townsite. Road was quite nice and very doable in our 4WD (even a 2WD would find no problem to Leavick). Past Leavick the road gets a little

steeper and rougher...but still one of the better trailhead accesses. We parked just below the Dauntless Mine at the road gate (which was open). Past the gate the road become 4WD only. Ahead you can see the Hilltop Mine. The high end of this valley is awesome for snooping around mine structures and shafts (they are everywhere). The hike up out of the valley up to the ridge saddle is pretty straight forward...just stay to the left and well south of the Hilltop Mine. Hit the saddle on the south end. Once at the saddle turn right (north) and follow the very obvious trail up the ridge to summit. This was a VERY windy day...60+ winds on the ridge at each of the small saddle points. Temps in the mid 40s and high winds made for cold exposed skin (it was actually fun to have this challenge on such an easy climb). At the Summit we sat in rock shelters on the east slope just off summit and was quite comfortable out of the wind with the sun shinning. Someone had placed three american flags at the summit. One the way down made a steep scree run down at the first saddle and headed for the Hilltop mine structures...this to avoid the fierce ridge winds. Spent about three hours nosing around all the mines. This would be a very good first 14er climb. Route is short and ridge exposure is minimal and gives great views much of the hike.

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