Mt. Hesperus is a truly dramatic peak located in the Revelation Mountains above the Big River. The west face drops 7,200 feet without a break to the Revelation Glacier. The west face was the first ascent route and also displays an amazing geologic contact between light-colored granite and dark, baked meta-sedimentary rocks. Because of the heat from the intrusion of the granite, the rocks on the upper part of the peak are very brittle and fractured, making it a dangerous ascent.

Elevation (feet): 9,828
Elevation (meters): 2,996
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Alaska Range
State: Alaska
Latitude: 61.801688
Longitude: -154.142303
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Year first climbed: 1985
First successful climber(s): Justin Lesueur, Karl Swanson, Stephen Spalding
Nearest major airport: Anchorage
Convenient Center: Anchorage

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