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We are in East Greenland, one of the most selvggi Earth. Saxum Expedition 2008 4th IPY 2007/2008. Not only is the ice is the "sovereign", but a long mountain range spread from south to north along the east coast of the island - continent of the Inuit people, "Kalallit Nunaat. Pillars of granite, with walls of over 1000 meters of development. The approach to the "Nanu Sax" requires a complex logistical:

1) Arrival at Kulusuk.

2) helicopters Tasillaq.

3) Hire Kayak or boat by Inuit hunters for navigation very difficult for the abundant ice along the FIOD Sermelik north (see map).

4) After 4 hours, depending on ice conditions, we arrive at base camp, where you can moor the boat, the reef has jump rock, CAUTION!

5) Once you get to the moraine of the glacier Varrassi "

(we Saxum the Expedition has been called: Franco Varrassi died on the Gran Sasso of Italy on 9/11/2008 during the ascent of Corno Grande 2912 meters). You enter a anfieatro of granite pillars of superb beauty, like the Patagonian peaks of Cerro Torre (Patagonia). Overcome the first bank of the glacier crevasses on a cause "Varassi", at an altitude 300 meters on the first plates of rock Climb difficulty 2nd degree lower. Head north, past the snow fields soon after you gain the ridge west to 800 meters. The view is magnificent surrounding mountains and the immense glacier Inlandisis.

6) Follow the ridge west to jump rocks and snowfields with difficulty 2nd degree, we reached the summit at an altitude of 1450 meters. Beware of holes in the snow fields on the ridge formed by large boulders of granite! We are far from the civilized world. Any help will arrive only from Iceland! WARNING!

First ascenders: David Peluzzi Franco Varrassi, Free Limoncelli during Saxum Expedition 2008.


Elevation (feet): 4,757
Elevation (meters): 1,450
Continent: North America
Country: Greenland
Range/Region: Greenland
Latitude: 65.992329
Longitude: -37.342529
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Jun
Year first climbed: 20/6/2008
First successful climber(s): 21/6/2008 Davide Peluzzi , Franco Varrassi, Libero Limoncelli.
Nearest major airport: Kulusuk East - Greenland
Convenient Center: Tasillaq

Thanks to Davide Peluzzi - Explora for adding this peak.

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