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The peak "Gemini" is located in the Land of Liverpool, in the realm of polar bears "nanu" in the Inuit language. E 'blow up a mountain of small Arctic ideal for trekking, it is very important to obtain a gun for defense of the bears, we are on the edge of the largest national park in the world. The course develops from the village of Scorebysund-Ittoqqortoormiit after arriving by helicopter from the base of Neterlit Inaat: distant 80 km. The scenery is wonderful with the silences and perfumes Arctic.

1) along the river behind the village Ittoqqortoormiit diezione in the northeast, for about 6km, after reaching the edge of a glacier on the left side of the valley and have identified the hill where they can see the sea with icebergs is east and west, you place the first camp with tents.

2) The next day with his back to the glacier to the north directs you to the peak "Gemini", one must put on the crampons on the ice of a glacier passing interim altitude of 600 meters. Above a deep valley, the ground is completely covered with boulders of granite. Up a steep snowy slope, you reach the southern ridge, going along a large glacier, after 2 hours you reach the summit. The ritonrno the village is for the same route.


Elevation (feet): 3,609
Elevation (meters): 1,100
Continent: North America
Country: Greenland
Range/Region: Greenland
Latitude: 70.877091
Longitude: -22.159424
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Aug
Year first climbed: 2006
First successful climber(s): 25- 8- 2006
Nearest major airport: Neterlit Inaat east Greenland
Convenient Center: Reykjiavik

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