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Despite being the smaller volcano on the island of Ometepe the Maderas still is a huge volcano, almost 1,394 meters high. Coffee plantations are located at the bottom part of the volcano. More uphill grows a cloud forest – a quality in the Pacific only shared by the Mombacho volcano. A high humidity and a dense forest are the result of this climate. Furthermore, there is a lagoon in the inactive crater of the volcano.

The trail starts off quite steep but in good condition. You will pass some petroglyphs and a nice lookout from where you can see the Concepción volcano and the lake. Hiking will get tougher from this point. The humidity transforms the trail into a muddy, slippery path. The more you ascend, the worse it gets. Sometimes you have to really climb instead of walk.

There are trees everywhere, so don’t expect great views. It is also often clouded which diminishes your view even more. A couple viewpoints are present, however, and from here you will have a splendid view of the Concepción volcano and Lake Nicaragua.

Hiking to the top will take about three and a half hours. From there, you can continue and descent to the lagoon. This will require some tough climbing. The lagoon itself is cold and often covered in mist. To stand at the edge of the lagoon that is surrounded by trees and covered by a mysterious curtain of mist when monkeys howl on the background is quite a special experience, though.

From Roberto Huembe's market in Managua get a bus to San Jorge (2 1/2 hours), then to the Ometepe's Island direct to Moyogalpa by boat very hours or wait for the Ferry (recommened cheapest), get in car or bus to Balgüe (few buses just 2 dayly). Walking to trail to Hacienda Magdalena, looking for a guide or just walk in the principal trail. Trail is totally well marked. Average to go and back 8 hours.

Elevation (feet): 4,573
Elevation (meters): 1,394
Continent: North America
Country: Nicaragua
Latitude: 11.45042
Longitude: -85.5011
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Convenient Center: Ocotepeque Island, Finca Magdalena

Thanks to Christian Rodriguez for adding this peak.

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  • Log #21936 - by Christian Rodriguez on Feb 24, 2010
    Few volcanoes from central america has a huge diversity of animals and vegetation like this. Amazing hike, super recommended trip.