Broad Peak

Broad Peak Trip Report (#10189)

  • Signed By: Nisar Hussain
  • Date submitted: September 09, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 1999, Conquer the Gashabrum 11.8035m. 2000, Conquer the Broad Peak 8047m. 2001, K2 below Summit. 8245m. 2002, Conquer the Spantik.7027m. 2003. Conquer the Summit of Gashabrum 11. 8035. 2003. Conquer the Summit of Hidden Peak. 8068m. 2004. Conquer the summit of K2.

Dear Mountain lover and friends, Greeting and Salaam from Nisar Hussain.

Well first of all I am thinks full to Allah and my friends who always support me and because of their prayers i got the success.

As i have summited 4 8000m peaks sofar including G11 twice with out Oxygen and high porters or Sherpas, I am proud that i am the first pakistani to reach the Summit of K2 this year on the occassion of golden Jubile, 1954-2004, after 10 years long gape, And also become the first Balti climber in the history, as i became the first youngest Pakistani to climb any 8000m peak in 1999 when i climb G 11.

I hope that my friends and my family will support me to climb more 8000m peaks in future as well.

Wish you all the best. Regards. Nisar.

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