Broad Peak

Broad Peak Trip Report (#10192)

  • Signed By: Nisar Hussain
  • Date submitted: November 18, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 1999, Gashabrum 11 8035 2001,Broad peak 8047 2001, K2 Below summit 2003, Gashabrum 11 8035 2003, Hidden Peak 8068

Greetings from Nisar Hussain from beauti full valley of Skardu Satpara!!!

I am proud that i am the most youngest climber from Pakistan and it was the unforgetable movements when i summit G2 fisrt time in 18years old, So far i got 3 summits including G2 double summit.

Also its a honour for to climb all these peaks with world most famous climber who had done al ready their 14-8000m.

With best wishes and regards.

hope to see you friends soon.Also i would happy if you could contact me for expedition ( HAP)


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