Mount Adams

Mount Adams Trip Report (#10251)

The airline train from Appalachia is the most direct route, although a little exposed from the north - once you get above the tree line. The views are amazing starting at the "knife's edge" at about 4700-5000 feet. The edge drops off sharply for over 1000 feet into the King's ravine, and about the same on the other side - albeit a little less steep. At one point, the trail takes you along an 30 foot long edge that's 10 inches wide with "poor" at best handholds, and a 1200 foot cliff into the ravine! Adrenaline shot anyone? The summit is rocky, with just enough snow (in the winter) to make things interesting. High winds (see Mt. Washington weather observatory) dominate the area all year round. Winter essentials (amongst others): crampons, axe. Summer essentials: windbreaker. Part of the trail is a creek bed, so you gain about 200 feet on cascading blue ice (winter only) - average slope 30-40 degrees. Views are amazing, and the local area allows for several summits if you start early - otherwise you bivy if you can find a snowy patch, and take all the summits you can get over a day or two. Weather changes instantly. At one point, the temperature dropped from -5 to -15 degrees C. in about 10 minutes, and the wind picked up from 5 mph to about 40 in the same time.

All in all - excellent climb - and not a zoo like the summit of Mt. Washington.

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