Wisshorn Trip Report (#22041)

  • Signed By: Roy Lindman
  • Date submitted: August 11, 2010
  • Date(s) climbed: 8th of August
  • Number of People Encountered:25-50 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

I stayed overnight in the Pension Edelweiss, where many famous climbers have started theirs climbs. 300 meters higher from Zermatt on top of the cliff having magnificent views.

I had breakfast about eight O'clock. Cheese was really fresh and naturally I ate musli too! I was going to do some acclimatizing and this canyon with some three thousanders provided an excellent opportunity for it.

River made several waterfalls keeping some noise. This was actually relaxing, listening the voices from the river made me concentrate only mountains.

There was two places where I could collect some water, I chose the second one nearer the hotel Trift. That was one of the best things on the mountains, drinking ice cold water.

Unter Gabelhorn looked very challenging, I even found a route on it, but continued towards north east, where was mountains under the term horn.

That has to have been something rough! I was surprised to see so many young people. I think the youngest one was a girl about age of 12 or something. Her happy father was guiding her higher and higher all the time. This was something new again, but here people basically lived on the mountains. Walking sticks, most of the people had walking sticks, that gave some advantage.

French, Italian and German speaking people greeting all the time. Well one could guess if to say ciao or guten morgen or bonsoir, it gave some hobby!

The path towards Wisshorn starts soon after the hotel Trift going towards right. I decided to go and see the Platthorn and Mettelhorn mountains, it was an option! Path was going much higher now. I was nearing the saddle leading on the Platthorn. It was time to put jacket on it was getting windy. I decided to go on the Platthorn, there was glacier between Platthorn and Mettelhorn.

Just in case my shoes would get wet.

Father and daughter went on the glacier, adding some equipment on. I was watching still surprised whilst going up.

I had only done three thousanders. Alpine conditions were also different what I was use to. I had basically done merely scramble mountains.

It took only 30 minutes from the saddle on the top of the Platthorn. Last 10 meters required some concentration, surface was slippery. Cord and climbing nut could have given some support, but it was not necessary for me.

I ate mackrell, that was tasty and good for stomach when doing longer trips.

I looked on Mettelhorn, it was very steep, but that was much about an illusion. When I had come back to saddle and had gone over the glacier it looked very different. Same thing was with the Matterhorn, one could feel a bit sick, when standing next to Hornli Hutte.

For some mountains a mental training is needed.

Father and daugter were coming down. I exchanged words with them and continued.

Going up Mettelhorn was slightly harder, but using an climbing axe gave good support.

A few more people were coming down, they had too done the mountain, with height of about 3400 meters! Six hours had gone. I still had some time and decided to go on the third peak also on Wisshorn.

I put my crampons on and went over the glacier which had only tiny cracks, leaving also Platthorn behind and going towards south east.

I met some sheeps grazing, that was homefull.

Going on the Wisshorn was pure walk up, but it gave me more acclimatizing training.

Avalanche barriers made of iron and aluminium.

This peak is just overneath the town of Zermatt. Views were great; Dufour Spitze, Matterhorn, Ober Gabelhorn, Zinal Rothorn, Weisshorn, Platthorn, Mettelhorn and even Dom were to be seen.

Weather was warm and sunny, which made me walk slowly down, taking photos of wild flowers.

11 hours had gone when I was back in the Pension, that was a good training and an enjoyable day on mountains.

Tomorrow I had other plans, I wanted to go higher...

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