Mont Aiguille

Elevation (feet): 6,842
Elevation (meters): 2,085
Continent: Europe
Country: France
Range/Region: Dauphine Alps
Latitude: 44.8333
Longitude: 5.55
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1492
First successful climber(s): Antoine de Ville
Nearest major airport: Grenoble or Lyon, France
Convenient Center: Grenoble, France

Mont Aiguille is a giant rock structure, with vertical walls and a flat top. It is located just 36 miles southwest of the town of Grenoble. It is best known for its first climb, made by Antoine de Ville de Dompjulien, a servant of Charles VIII, under orders from his master. De Ville made the ascent using ladders and other artificial aids, thus making Mont Aiguille the site of the first Alpine rock climb, a feat which was not repeated on Mont Aiguille until 1834, 342 years later.