Elevation (feet): 12,765
Elevation (meters): 3,891
Continent: South America
Country: Venezuela
Range/Region: Cordillera de Merida
Latitude: 8.780582
Longitude: -70.693588
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
Year first climbed: 2014
First successful climber(s): Eloy Boulton A. & Roberto LebrĂșn V.
Nearest major airport: Barinas
Convenient Center: Santo Domingo

Thanks to Eloy G. Boulton for adding this peak.

Pico Granate is located at Cordillera de Santo Domingo, in the border line between the states of Barinas and MĂ©rida.

It's north face looks towards Valle de Los Granates, a hidden and beautifull venezuelan andean valley that can be reached after 7 to 8 hours, using a trail, from El Baho, near the town of Santo Domingo. From Valle de Los Granates, where a base-camp should be done, up to the top, there is no trail. On January 2014, first registered ascent, we placed several rock marks on the route and at the top of the peak. We hope they stand still. A guide is recomended.

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