Picacho Alto

Picacho Alto Trip Report (#22094)

  • Signed By: Roy Lindman
  • Date submitted: November 10, 2010
  • Date(s) climbed: 28.10.2010
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

I was last time in Switzerland doing some mountain climbing.

There I was thinking of a making an adventure on the mountain,

which I had climbed first time in my life.

It would be an ideal trip...and thinking of that I had only sandals on when I started my trip...it was good to have a look at the situation !

Actually I had good leather straps on my sandals, but learning mountaineering takes years and using proper equipment

can be poor at the beginning.

I had learned most of my mountaineering skills by myself.

I travelled by bus from Granada to Dilar.

The buses at Granada run next to river, also towards

the mountain village of Guejar Sierra.

Dilar is at the north west corner of the Sierra Nevada National

Park. A very charming village having great views on the mountains.

From the village it takes one hour to walk towards the entrance of

the National Park. There is a wide shelter and toilets.

When going further into canyons, where also river Rio Dilar

flows is several tables and barbeque places.

Permit for barbeque is wise to ask in the village of Dilar,

not sure how it works.

It was comfortable to walk on the village road.

Weather was cloudy, but warm.

Dogs kept on barking and there was tens of them.

After half an hour I had walked over the river Rio Dilar

and followed it on its left side.

I was watching the range of Picacho Alto mountain.

It looked like it had five peaks, but in reality it had

seven peaks. It was formed of marble and chalk, making

mountains in some places grey and in some places white.

Pear trees, young ones...somebody had planted new trees

since I was last time here.

I was now at the north side of the range.

I saw some school children with a teacher.

She was teaching the names of the places on the map

and I could hear how the kids repeated what she said.

I went into a canyon and had a light meal and naturally

took some water, where the river was running fast.

Then I returned back to Aula Naturaleza as it was called,

went over the river and started to ascend the first peak.

There is a short path at the east side of the car park,

but it disappears when the terrain comes hard.

I took a deep breath...smell of rosmarine and other

herb bushes was incredible to feel...it filled the air !

Eating...yea it was OK !

Terrain has plenty of small stones, but is easy to climb on.

Some climbing on the ridge which I followed,

it was good to get use to things before going higher.

I remember when I was here first time,

I could not go on a normal way, because some parts of the ridge scared me up. Now I was use to seeing steep cliffs

and understood much better how to move through a difficult

terrain. I remember even being wet of scare most of the time !

I was on the first peak after one hour.

Time for a short break.

Well...this it was the first mountain I had done in my life...

and not scared at all anymore !

Clouds took over the mountain when I returned on my first climb,

but that has never been a problem for me, I was use to fog

since I was a child.

I started to go on the second peak.

Plenty of shrubs had autumn colours, it looked great

even sun was still hiding.

Third peak had a wide terrain. I had a walk around it.

Then it was time to go over the fourth peak.

Some troublesome ascending, if failed one could drop

about 15 m.

It was about to walk on a path having calm nerves.

I had seen much higher drops on mountains next to paths,

but climbers did not give up...it was reality.

I did not like this five meter long path and did some

climbing to go over the fourth top.

One could also go over the ridge and go around the peak

on its east side using some more time.

After had climbed over I had a break and watched the massive

path net going towards Corazon de la Sandia mountain.

Path nets were excellent in some places.

Lower down were the fifth and the sixth peak.

I met the path net on the Picacho Alto mountain

and followed a path up onto mountain.

About four hours of comfortable ascending and descending.

I ate some local food and had a look on the Cuerda de la Dehesa ridge, where the three thousanders were.

Almost no snow and it should not be in October.

I planned something, collected my rubbish

and started to go down.

Back to where the path net was connecting

and down a path which was leading towards west.

Now it was easy to walk and I went faster.

Then the path turned towards south, it was time to go

through a forest, having direction north west and Dilar.

After 300 m I saw a wide path.

Two meter high stone wall, which was partially broken,

but continued hundreds of meters.

Sun had also returned on the sky.

After one hour I could see open fields and the village

of Dilar.

Path would turn into road for some hundred meters,

before the village and it really went straight through !

I decided still to go down to Rio Dilar...

I had to go and take a photo !

A tiny village like and a broken farm house,

like hundreds of years ago !

I took my range photo almost in the middle of Dilar,

but it was in the village where the best view was !

Seven hours had gone...a great day trip...

...and all those memories I could go through !

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