Nadelhorn Trip Report (#10326)

We started early in the morning from the Mischabel Hütte at 3.30 AM, three climbers and two guides. The weather forecast was very doubtful, and we were not very sure of making it to the summit. The first part across the Hohbalmglacier was not very difficult. Very picturesque to see the lamps of other climbers in the dark across the glacier. At about 5.30 we arrived at the Windjoch. Marvellous view towards the Lagginhorn, Weissmies and Portjengrat and the NE-face of the Lenzspitze. The ridge up from the Windjoch was quite nasty. A lot of wind, snow like sugar, without any grip, and the weather no good at all. Just below the summit some very icy parts on the rocks, but with the help of the guides we could make it to the top. No view at all, grey clouds, about 6 -7 degrees below zero, and a lot of snow flying around your head. Despite of all this we were very satisfied to do the highest and most beautiful peak we ever did. We planned to do the Nadelgrat, but the weather did not allow this. On our descent we also climbed the Ulrichshorn (3925). Nice easy ridge with a marvellous view back on the Nadelhorn and Lenzspitze. If you are not very experienced on places like this, RENT A GUIDE. Your life is worth is. You can see some pictures on my homepage.

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