Nadelhorn Trip Report (#10328)

  • Signed By: Will of Berlin/Zürich, D/CH, Germany/Switzerland
  • Date submitted: September 14, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 10. September 2000
  • Number of People Encountered:

It was an overwhelming wide panorama, ultra-clean air. But too many people on the summit (surely I was one of them...). I suggest to climb the Ulrichshorn (39XXm) too. One word to all mountaineers: Don't climb without experience or advisoring. There where situations I felt really happy to be still alive because of the sick people "running"/"crawling" the rocks on the peak. Sometimes I could have had a crampon tooth in my eye (thanks to my Oakley), sometimes an ice-axe in my back. Remember: Mountaineering is no competition! You should climb a peak to enjoy it's beauty, the surrounding, the views. Not to be the first one at the summit, without counting the (others) loss... And: tell everybody to get the most basic knowledge how to handle ice-axes, crampons, ropes. Mountain life will be better and the peak will thank you lots... Bye, Mountaineers!

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