Ladovy stit

Elevation (feet): 8,619
Elevation (meters): 2,627
Continent: Europe
Country: Slovakia
Range/Region: Carpathian Mountains
Latitude: 49.198213
Longitude: 20.183116
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Year first climbed: 1843
First successful climber(s): J. Ball (Englishman), W. Richter, Hungarian painter C. Ritter and three Polish guides from Jurgov.
Nearest major airport: Poprad
Convenient Center: Stary Smokovec

Thanks to Jan Stolba for adding this peak.

Ladovy stit (or "Icy Peak") is the third highest peak in High Tatras. It is located in the Eastern part of the Tatra mountains, closing the Mala Studena valley. The peak actually consists of three summits, Maly Ladovy stit (Small Icy Peak, 2602 m), main Ladovy stit and much smaller Zadny Ladovy stit (2312 m). There is no marked trail leading to the summit and it is allowed to reach it only in company of a mountain guide. However, Maly Ladovy stit is often climbed by hikers "unofficially", since it is a relatively short scramble from neighbouring Sedielko saddle. Name in Polish: Lodowy Szczyt, German: Eistaler Spitze, Hungarian: Jég-völgyi-csúcs.

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