Bear Butte

Elevation (feet): 4,426
Elevation (meters): 1,349
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Black Hills
State: South Dakota
Latitude: 44.4756
Longitude: -103.426169
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Year first climbed: 1743
First successful climber(s): Louis and Chevalier Verendrye
Nearest major airport: Rapid City
Convenient Center: Sturgis

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Tertiary Volcanic intrusive laccolith. 51 million years old

SD Historical marker for the butte states: This 4,422 foot high volcanic bubble rises 1,200 feet above the plains, a guide for centuries to Indians, fur traders, soldiers, cowboys, and travelers. It was visited or passed by Verendrye, 1743; Lt. G. K. Warren, 1855; Hayden, the scientist and Reynolds, 1859; Custer, 1874; and since by a galaxy of geological scientists.

This was a sacred mountain to the Cheyenne, the first Indians known to white man to live adjacent to it and here Sweet Medicine, their spiritual leader, received four sacred Cheyenne arrows and the code of ethics many centuries ago. Many a prayer has been said on its rugged slopes and many a smoke signal from its lofty summit has told watchful eyes, of travelers on the Bismarck-Deadwood Trail to its north and other sojourners within its vista.

Near here in 1857 a great council of the Indians determined to hold the Black Hills inviolate from the white man and for two decades this policy dictated their defensive actions.

Custer's annihilation at the Little Big Horn in 1876; the establishment of Camp Sturgis, July 1, 1878 on its Northwest slope spelled the passing of the red man and his brother the buffalo. Today Bear Butte stands, an outpost of the Hills, still a shrine to the Cheyenne, who come here to worship and a monument to man made history and to natures weird handiwork.

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