Punta di Leppe

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From Gimillan (1787m), along the S-SE Arête: go right starting from the car park of Gimillan: after few meters the indications for Lussert Lakes, St. Marcel Pass, etc. are found. The pathway is indicated by the yellow circle 9A and by yellow strips marked on stones along the route. The path begins going immediately uphill, then the slope decreases as we go beyond a little Chapel dedicated to the Virgin (1836m). Soon the path resumes to go up and splits in two, before it begins to penetrate into the Grauson Valley: it's possible to continue following the right one that goes down as far as the Ecloseur Bridge (1904m), but in such a case we must go up again; it's better to follow the left one that, in practice without losing height, arrives at the bridge under the Alpeggio Pila (2025m), cross it and, following the stepped pathway, overcome the rocky bastion beside a fine waterfall (at the left). At this point the path turns right markedly, entering, high on the torrent, into a small valley; by an alternation of steep and slight slopes, it reaches a panoramic cross, on the edge of a pleasant plateau ( superb view of the far La Grivola!). The path goes through the meadows, slightly descendind: after the Alpi di Grauson Vecchie (2271m), crosses the torrent on the Pikaciù Bridge and by a steep trail beside the stream, reach the wide upper part of the Grauson Valley. At the junction before Alpeggio Pralognan (about 2400m), instead of going straight ahead along the pathway n°4 leading to the head of Vallone di Grauson, go left till to Alpeggio Grauson Nuove (2540m), where once there was the burned Tentori Bivouac. Turning Eastward, pass over a small stream coming down from the small Lago delle Rane (aka known as Coronas Inferiore 2641m) and, on the above spit, remount to the Lago Corona (2702m); a little before it turn o NW on the path of Colle di Saint Marcel o Coronas till you easy get it (2916m). Now, toward NW, flanking some characteristic rocks get the easy Mont Vallonet (3101m) and, after descending to the following small saddle, go on along the easy S-SE ridge, at the beginning along steep terraces then slightly under the edge till the summit (on the edge I° e II°, poor rock quality).

Elevation (feet): 10,846
Elevation (meters): 3,306
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Latitude: 45.67548
Longitude: 7.41783
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1893
First successful climber(s): Giovanni Bobba and Eliseo Jeantet
Nearest major airport: Aosta
Convenient Center: Cogne

Thanks to I. Spaan for adding this peak.

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