Condoriri Trip Report (#10566)

  • Signed By: klaus altman
  • Date submitted: February 10, 2003
  • Number of People Encountered:

Terrible experiences with the tour company EXPLORAMA on Calle Sagarnaga 237 La Paz - Bolivia.

On January 25th, 2003 we engaged the tour company EXPLORAMA to guide us on a 4 days tour to Mount Illimani 6,490m.

1. They convinced us that this was the best time to climb this mountain, wich is not true, it is actually the worst time to climb it, speacially for non experienced people like us.

2. Our crampons were not checked prior to departure, we stood 1 hour in the middle of the night at minus 20 degrees Celcius. Finally the crampons broke, we had to slide down to High Camp.

3. Boots were not waterproof, and they were not the ones we tried at the office.

4. Food was miserable and never provided water.

5. The guide was a regular "campesino" (peasent), who couldn't even speak spanish, did not how to guide or treat clients. We were told that he'd speak some english.

6. We returned to La Paz the second day very late at night, the owners Cesar Rojas and Ligia De la Barra, didn't want to talk with us, moreover they didn't want to give us any money back AND THEY THREATED US WITH THE POLICE, both of them are very aggressive. The same day we met two other couples that had pretty the same problems in Huayna Potosi and in a hike called Choro trail. They knew that this trail was closed due to rains and they still offer it.




Klaus and Martina Altman

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