Chopicalqui Trip Report (#851)

  • Signed By: Chuck Lundrigan of Baverly, MA, USA
  • Date submitted: August 12, 2001

After several days of poor wheather and constant snow above 19,000' we set out from base came. The hike to Moraine was awesome. Lots of scree and talus. Very steep sides on trail. From Moraine was pretty straight forward glaicial travel. Great views. We set out from High Camp at 2:00am on a beautiful night. At dawn we were on a 60 degree slope in very shossy ice/snow kick stepping our way up. Around 7:00 at 21,000' we hit an impasse. The deep snow had made it impossible to proceed. Neck deep in places and dangerously wind loaded in others. Aother party from Colorado was also there and we all deceided it was too risky to go on. We turned around from there and boot skiied most of the way down avoiding lots of small cravasses.

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