Yanaurco de Piñan

Elevation (feet): 14,879
Elevation (meters): 4,535
Continent: South America
Country: Ecuador
Range/Region: Ecuador Andes
Latitude: 0.482866
Longitude: -78.329817
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug
Volcanic status: Extinct
Nearest major airport: Quito
Convenient Center: Quito

Thanks to Agnese for adding this peak.

Yanaurco de Piñan can be climbed during the Piñan trek, a beautiful hike through Ecuadorian forest and páramo.

The trek can start at the village of San Pablo at about 2600 m, walking the first day to the village of San Francisco, only 300 m higher, but reachable after walking up and down in the forest.

The next destination is Yanacocha lake at about 3900m, right at the foot of Yanaurco, and reached after 6-7 hours of trek that includes sections at 4000 m. It’s possible to camp both in San Francisco and on the shores of Yanacocha lake.

From Yanacocha lake the trek goes through páramo, colorful bushes, and then the soft and beautiful cushion plants. At about 4300 m this amazing garden leaves place to more rocks, and an easy scramble leads to the summit. Here stands a wooden cross on a pre-Inca semi-circular stone wall, probably a sacrificial altar. Nearby a bovine skull on a cairn. More bushes and flowers cover the summit. A remarkable peak.

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  • Log #22408 - by Agnese on Aug 27, 2013
    We left Yanacocha Lake walking for about 1 hour and a half on a gentle slope covered with paramo. At about 4200 m. the slope became steeper while the vegetation gradually changed: we started to walk...