Cerro Tunari

Cerro Tunari Trip Report (#10926)

I love exploring up on Tunari with my brother and friends. Weve climbed it from the road and from the southside, starting at Pairumani. Its a lot of fun to climb from the southside. You eventually end up in a vally with cliffs on your right side. We found a way up through to the backside of the cliffs through a couple mountians of shale. Last time we went we just slept in caves. Once you learn were they are they become realy usefull. I want to go again and see if there is a way up going behind Laguna Cajon. If youre planning on summiting take care. If you dont choose the correct trail to cut through the cliffs you could find yourself in a sketchy position. But go its a lot of fun and many routes are not at all technical.

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