Punta Cassana (Chaschauna)

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Punta Cassana (Chaschauna, Piza di Rin, 3007 m) is a peak at the border between Italy and Switzerland in the north-west direction from Livigno (1818 m). There are two normal routes from the direction of Livigno. One goes along Val Federia (closed for cars) towards Cassana hut (2601 m) which used to be a military barrack in the past, and then to Cassana pass (2694 m) and to the summit. The other route starts from Ponte Calcheira (1859 m) at the beginning of Val Federia and goes high above Val Saliente through the forest first and towards the lake at 2853 m. This is a more direct approach. Both routes merge at the ridge (around 2900 m) between Punta Cassana and Piz Cassana (3070 m), the latter can be climbed easily once you are at this point. From the ridge Punta Cassana is the sharp peak in the south-east direction. The route to Piz Cassana is just in the opposite direction, it is much more simple and gentle although this peak is in fact higher. Both peaks together with the ridge between them are on the Swiss-Italian border. No special equipment is required. Plan about 3 hours for the climb.

Livigno is accessible by car from three directions, all open in winter: from Bormio over Foscagno pass, from Switzerland over Bernina pass and Forcola pass and through Munt la Schera Tunnel along the Livigno lake. There is a fee of 13 Euro (16 CHF) for the tunnel. This is a tax-free zone with fuel price which is less than 2/3 of the price elsewhere in Italy or in EU (1.1 E for gasoline and 1.02 for oil in August 2014).

Elevation (feet): 9,865
Elevation (meters): 3,007
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy/Switzerland
Range/Region: Rhaetian Alps
Latitude: 46.567
Longitude: 10.0852
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Nearest major airport: Zurich, St. Moritz
Convenient Center: Livigno

Thanks to J. Vranjes for adding this peak.


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