Wetterhorn Peak

Wetterhorn Peak Trip Report (#10962)

I missed some of the new route through the boulder field, that should have been a hint for what lie ahead, also missed the route to the west side of the rock formations before you get to the PROW, therefore, I crossed some of the area southeast of the prow. It was alot worse than class 3, probably 4/5 stuff. I know that if I would have missed one foothold or handhold they could have picked me up in a bag, but I made it through the keyhole and up the chute--the nice hand holds disappear near the top, be sure to vear to the left as you get near the top of the chute. Couldn,t find any neat rocks at the top for a trophy. Flatlanders-beware this peak, the route through the last 1000 ft sometimes just disappears.

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