Wetterhorn Peak

Wetterhorn Peak Trip Report (#10986)

  • Signed By: Ken Whitmore
  • Date submitted: September 07, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 1973?

The panorama is magnificent. We climbed on a very clear summer day with unlimited visibility. This peak is not a major challenge for the aclimated, but is definitely not for the casual hiker.

Our base camp was at about 11,000 feet elevation in a wide valley on the southwest side of the peak with very wet slopes, covered in lush greenery, but with few or no trees. We had no choice but to lay sleeping bags out on top of the Colorado state flower, the Columbine, which was growing everywhere.

On the descent, some of us glissaded down the glacier, for a real fun time. If you climb this peak in the winter or early spring months, bring some skis with you!

The peak has a climber's log in a small canister and a bronze bench mark laid into the stone. If anyone is planning to do this climb, please check if you can find my name listed in the climber's log and send me the actual date of my entry in the log, as it's been so long ago I forgot the exact date.

Watch out for overheating and sunstroke and take plenty of drinking water with you, because although the area is lush with greenery, you can easily become dehydrated. Boil any water you collect from the streams, as it could very well be contaminated due to the mountain sheep in the area.

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